Indigo Dress

A Floaty Dress for an Autumn Walk. I made a Tilly and the Buttons Indigo Dress and this is what I thought…

I’m a huge fan of TATB – I regard them as a pretty ‘safe’ sew. The instructions are always clear, I find the fit is good and the style is always right on point.

The Indigo is described as ‘easy breezy’ and this is an accurate description. I think if you’ve managed your way through a couple of dressmaking patterns – you won’t have a problem. It’s a good skills builder if you’re a beginner. Or if you are an experienced sewer – you can relax in the knowledge that this will be a quick and very satisfying make! Enjoy!!

It’s a good value pattern – with a few variations. You can choose smock top or dress and bracelet sleeves or flounce sleeves and gathered seams or frill seams. Whilst not in the pattern, it wouldn’t be difficult to extend the length into a maxi – as so many people have done. The possibilities are endless here!! I like that there’s enough detail (i.e. with the frill seams) that you could choose a plain fabric and really show these details or use a patterned fabric. The pattern also includes pockets and they are plenty big enough to stash a good handful of acorns and chestnuts on a woodland walk.

Now let’s talk fabric…

For the flounce sleeved version, I wanted to use a swishy, drapey fabric. I love the look at flounce sleeves but they can be annoying if they end at the wrist. In the Indigo they are perfectly cropped, but I wanted mine to feel lightweight and soft too.

I decided to use our  copper concepts 

Copper Concepts is a lightweight, breezy fabric… ideal for making garments as we make the transition from our summer wardrobe to our Autumn wardrobe. The fabric is 100% viscose a making it comfortable to wear. It feels supersoft to touch.

I would take care not to over-iron your fabric pieces as you’re sewing, but with careful handling this sews up really well.

The design/colours of the fabric are perfect for the season… I can’t help but think of acorns and chestnuts.

I also can’t help but think the fabric would work equally well in the newly released Lotta which also seems to work well with a swishy, drapey fabric.


There are no fastenings and you’ll be gathering, adding sleeves and adding pockets. The pattern guides you through these and includes lots of pictures.


The Indigo is loose fitting (hence no fastenings). I made a size 3 and pleased with the fit. I’m 5’3″ and the length sits at my knees.

Overall I’m pleased with the Indigo and more than likely be planning a further version soon. I think it will work really well in our Atelier Brunette Shade (Ochre)

The Indigo is ideal if you have a teams meeting, swishing around on a woodland walk and the school run… & most certainly (probably most importantly)… secret pyjamas.🧵✂💕

Flounce sleeves.

The Indigo has roomy pockets!

No zips or buttons!