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A bit about PIMI…


I’m Rachael (Founder). I live in a village in Nottinghamshire with my Husband (Luke), 2 children (Edward & Iris) and 3 chickens (Jack, Sparkle & Bobbin).

I have a passion for sewing and in particular dressmaking.

I’m also a Chartered Town Planner and whether your vision is building a new home or making a dress… a good plan is most definitely required! 

With that in mind, we’re working really hard to bring you a choice of superb quality fabrics, indie sewing patterns, notions and sewing tools, so that you can spend less time searching and more time sewing. Our carefully curated collection ensures that our patterns are symbiotic with the fabrics/notions that we stock to help you plan your make.

We acknowledge that all new products have a process and therefore an environmental impact. We try to source natural fabrics and many of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. Many of us make our own clothes, so that we can rely less on ready to wear/fast fashion… and that in itself seems to me, to be less harmful.

I’m also a strong believer that if you make your own clothes, you will value them much more and are more likely to re-purpose a beautiful fabric, even if you fall out of love with the garment itself. If you’re a beginner… I can’t express enough how much you will cherish those 1st few completed and wearable makes.

We really enjoy being inspired by what you’ve made and would love it if you tagged us in your creations…


Happy Sewing and thank you for reading.

Rachael x

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